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Something rich and strange

More episode summaries/thoughts to come...

Season 1 Episodes
Episode 1 Something Rich and Strange
Episode 2 Full Fathom Five
Episode 3 A Matter of Taste

Episode 4 The Official Story

Episode 5 The Fellowship of the Suit

Episode 6 One of the Gang

Episode 7 Stormy Weather

Episode 8 My own Sweetheart

Episode 9 Balls and Friggen Good Luck

Episode 10 The Accidental Activist

Episode 11 Love me or Leave me
Episode 12 Perchance to Dream

Episode 13 Sex, Death and Bridges

Season 2 Episodes
Episode 1 : If Fish Could Fly
Episode 2 : Vaya Con Dios To All That
Episode 3 : Broken Hearts And Crustaceans
Episode 4 : Sink Or Swim
Episode 5 : Head For Water
Episode 6 : The House That Jack Built

Episode 7 : Looking Forward To The Past

Episode 8 : Manna From Heaven

Episode 9 : Playing With Fire

Episode 10 : Not Such Great Expectations

Episode 11 : Kitty Litter

Episode 12 : Other Peoples' Opinions

Episode 13 : Law And Order

Season 3 Episodes
Koala's rant about Season 3

Episode 27: Best Laid Plans
Episode 28: How Much Greener Was My Neighbour's Valley?
Episode 29: Hungi Jury
Episode 30: Bonfire of the VCRs
Episode 31: Pipeline
Episode 32: Adversely Possessed
Episode 33: Blowing in the Wind
Episode 34: I Name Thee Bay of Pearls
Episode 35: Eminent Persons
Episode 36: Checks and Balances
Episode 37: Love in the Time of Coleridge
Episode 38: To Thine Own Self Be Relatively True
Episode 39: Half-life

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