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Something rich and strange...

(last updated 2 December 2004 (in the wee small hours when I should have been sleeping)

Please note - if you like ensemble shows like SeaChange, I highly recommend the Jdorama Good Luck. Buy the DVDs with Chinese subtitles. The only versions with English subtitles can be downloaded at #japan-tv - you will need to download Bittorrent. I can't recommend the show enough. I love this show even more than SeaChange!

SeaChange is an Artist Services Production for the ABC and is the story of how a corporate lawyer decides to throw in the soul-less life in a corporate law firm and go to a backwater town known as Pearl Bay to start her life and herself afresh. Before continuing any further, please read the Disclaimer.

Reminiscent of shows like Northern Exposure, Ballykissangel and Due South, it explores how Outsiders view a town, how the townspeople view the Outsider and the gradual process of fitting in to a new place.

The show used to air on the ABC on Sundan evenings and would be a beautiful way to end the weekend and begin the new week. I still remember with how much anticipation I used to greet Sunday nights. Forget about trying to ask me to do anything on a Sunday night!! The final episode of SeaChange screened on ABC TV December 11th, 2000 and the world was a much sadder place - at least for this Koala.

Seasons 1, 2 and 3 are available for purchase on video. Season 1 is available on DVD and Season 2 is also available as two DVD sets consisting of Episodes 1-6 and Episodes 7-13.

If you like the music in SeaChange, the soundtracks to seasons 1, 2 and 3 are also available for purchase. Season 2 is my favourite. These are all available online at the ABC Shop. Please note that the DVDs and videos will be in Region 4 and PAL formats respectively - you will need multi-zone players if you are not from Australia.

Also, I always welcome volunteers so if you're able to send me anything you want me to include on the site - reviews, comments, links, please just e-mail. Thanks to Lyn, the Episode Guides section is growing quickly! Visit the Episode Guide for the links to my spiels and Lyn's Spiels. These are more than just episode guides!

Also, why not decide what your "ideal SeaChange soundtrack" would contain?

OK, some people can be really rude. I hope that the person who sent me this rude email is not a SeaChange fan because I'd be very disappointed if he/she/it was.

What's new?
Not a lot - I've been so busy!
I've put the polls back. I'll update again shortly. I was reinspired recently as I watched Season 1 again and fell in love with Diver Dan all over again. David Wenham's voice is just so gentle. My friends Madeleine and Olivia are both discovering/rediscovering the series so maybe we'll get some of their comments too.

About this site:
I don't have an artistic bone in my body so my contribution to this site is purely textual. On top of that, I am awful at proof-reading my own work and have a full-time job that occupies most of my time ..... so if you find a typo, please let me know. =)

If you like the graphics and layout, it's all done by the very talented See the bottom of the page for a link. Want to see how ugly my old page looked?

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