Good Luck Soundtrack (2003)

Composed by Naoki Sato, you can buy it here at yesasia.


01 No doubt (1:05) (opening credits)
02 Depature (4:43) (my favourite inspirational music)
03 To The Sky (3:37) (kind of offbeat cheesey 70s music they play during some of Shinkai and Ogawa's encounters - eg at the sushi bar the first time)
04 TKO (3:05)
05 Passage (3:06) (I also call this "Shinkai and Ogawa's Theme"). It's the playful guitar music you hear when they are play-fighting.
06 The keys (2:25)
07 RASTA You know (2:52)
08 In a jam (3:25) (also played during some of the more confrontational moments - when Shinkai sees Ogawa - you can hear the clapping sounds).
09 Soave (2:30) (played during Shinkai's "Triumph of the human spirit" speech).
11 Departure (alt. version) (5:38)
12 Past event (3:31)
13 Out of one's mind (3:03)
14 pop70 (4:45) (cool kinda funky disco music - part of it is played when the camera circles around and focusses on Ogawa standing on the ground).
15 Ride on time (Tatsuro Yamashita) (4:24) (end theme of course)

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