Good Luck Links

Unfortunately there are very few sites in English for this great show!

Reviews at

By SweetLemonade. The English is a little bit off in this review and the review is a little overly simplistic at times, but I was grateful just to find a review in English!!

By suktina . Better well-written than the Sweet Lemonade one, this review suffers slightly as the reviewer uses the Mandarin names for the characters which can be a little confusing. An open-hearted and genuine review which I enjoyed reading.

Other links

Brief entry at a Taiwanese website with some information about the show (complex Chinese characters)

At (unfortunately in Thai!!!)

Link at EnjoyTokyo

Great discussion by the fans at They basically watch it from start to finish and the discussion goes through the entire show which is lots of fun.

Review (in Bahasa I think!)

Good Luck Page at Groundbreaker (website dedicated to Takuya Kimura)

Official website (unfortunately all in Japanese :( )

Review. Need to scroll down a bit. One inane comment that they didn't like the "boring dialogue". Oh puhlease.

Review in Swedish and English.

Article from Mainichi Daily News (relates to the increase in job applications to the airlines following the screening of Good Luck!!)

J-ent! Dorama Database. Slightly critical comments.

Article at XinHuanet (complex Chinese characters)

Link to Good Luck at the Jdorama Page (English and Japanese)

Review in someone's online diary (complex Chinese characters)

Reviews at Reading Times (complex Chinese characters)

Review by Amy
Review by Lawson
Review by }
Review by WCL
Review by Kobito

Jdorama Links

#japan-tv - releases of Japanese dorama.
Torrents at d-addicts

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