Question: I like your images, may I take them?
Answer:Yes. I scanned and also screen capped all the images myself, but I don't mind if you take them. What I do mind though is if you deep link ie link to the images on my site. PLEASE do not do this. If you like an image, DOWNLOAD it and save it to your hard drive and then upload it to your own server. Alternatively, get a photobucket account - it's free. Don't be lazy, don't deep link to my images. It really bugs me and if I find out that people are doing it, I will change file names so that your links do not work. I know I sound pissed off, but that's because I am, given that I dont care if you take it - just put it on your own server! OK, rant over.

Question: What does "you have" and "I have" mean?
Answer: My understanding is that this phrase is for the benefit of the control tower to enable them to know whether the pilot or the co-pilot has control of the plane at any given time.

Question: Will there be a sequel to Good Luck 2?
Answer: No. There is an article on the links page which explains the situation.

Question: Are you Singaporean?
Answer: No. I'm an Australian. At the time I first watched Good Luck, I was working in Hong Kong. I originally watched it with Chinese subtitles only. I then downloaded a version from JTV which has English subtitles. I do not speak Japanese.

Question: Can you please send me an episode / the soundtrack?
Answer: I can't sorry. My internet connection from Beijing (where I am currently studying) is extremely slow.

Question: I loved Good Luck, can you recommend anything else?
Answer: Good Luck was my favourite. I also love 2046,
Long Vacation and Hero. I also recommend Love Generation and Beautiful Life. If you like more comic dramas, try Golden Bowl with Takeshi Kaneshiro which is also very cute. In April 2005, Kimura starred in his latest drama Engine in which he played a racing car driver. The link there is to a website I have set up in relation to Engine.

Question: How many times have you watched Good Luck?
Answer: Four or five? :)

Question: Are you crazy/obsessed?
Answer: Maybe both. I just really like this show.

Question: I want to buy Good Luck with English subtitles
Answer: There is no official DVD/VCD with Good Luck with English subtitles. If you buy a dvd with English subtitles, then it is something someone downloaded off the Net for free and they are ripping you off by charging you. Two possible locations are JTV
and d-addicts. Other than that, you may try emule or other bittorrent search engines.

Question: Are you going to do a similar site for Engine?
Answer: While I enjoyed Engine, it didn't blow me away like Good Luck did. Please visit the Engine
site. Please note that it is not as detailed as this site.

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