Episode 10: Final Flight

It is late autumn. Some boys are playing football on the beach and Shinkai is sitting nearby massaging his right foot. He looks up at a plane passing overhead and when the soccer ball rolls towards him, he steps towards it, picks it up, flexes his right foot and kicks it back powerfully. Then he starts walking normally.

A few days later, Shinkai is in the co-pilot's seat, executing a three-engine landing which requires a firm foot on the rudder. Afterwards, outside the flight simulator, the examiner gives him his assessment of the simulator test. A little while later Shinkai, heading towards the office block, makes a triumphant gesture, then mimics Koda's tone and tells himself "Don't relax yet."

Koda is in his office, adding the most recent data to Shinkai's file. He enters the words "Ground Simulator Training -- Pass". Shinkai has also passed the medical. As Koda has a dramatic re-enactment flashback (complete with dramatic music) to the conversation that passed between Shinkai and himself in the previous episode, Shinkai comes in to report the results of his test. Koda advises him his final test is the observed flight as a co-pilot.

The flight chosen is the flight to Honolulu that departs on Sunday. If he passes this test, he will officially be returned to the duty roster. Shinkai asks who are to be the captain and examiner on the ship and is told that Koda himself will be filling these roles. "Depending on the result, it might be your last flight as pilot," he says pessimistically.

Shinkai takes his leave, pausing by the door to add that Koda need not give him any special consideration.

Shinkai then goes to the hangar to find Ogawa who is in the middle of morning warm-up exercises. She notices Shinkai on the upper level pretending to exercise with them – it’s very cute.

He signals to her that he has passed the simulator test.

Later, he is hanging around while she is working and is quite put out that she doesn't have more of a reaction to his news.


“Really is that all you have to say???” he asks her, clearly wanting her to be more excited. [In the Chinese subtitles he asks: "Don't you believe me?"]

“Huh? Well you don’t know if you’re back on staff until you pass your next exam.” she tells him.

“Of course I’ll pass”.

She turns and looks at him.

“Ever since the accident, I seem to have more confidence”. he tells her. “They told me I’d never fly again and I defied the odds. So I guess – so I felt like I’m destined to be here…” [Chinese version: I myself already am very clear about why I'm here]

“Did you know?”


“That being overconfident is the worst thing to be?” [Chinese version: "most dangerous"rather than worse"].

“You just keep getting worse and worse.” he complains in irritation. [Chinese version: "¸ӫ缲»¡§Aªº­өʤ~¦n©O" - I really don't know how to translate that and will need to ask someone :) ].

Ogawa, always full of surprises stands at a trolley with her back to him. “I’ll go too.” she tells him quietly. [Chinese version: I also want to go]

“What?” he demands, looking up.

“Take me on the Honolulu flight….as a passenger.”

Shinkai looks at her again, as if not quite believing what he is hearing.

“If you don’t pass that exam you might never fly again.” she tells him, grinning in anticipation of his outraged reaction.

“So you have no faith in me?” he demands, coming over to glare at her.

“It’s not that…”

“Then what?” he asks her, looking at her accusingly.

“Come on. I just want to fly with you.” she told him. His head snaps back up and he stares at her searchingly. [Chinese version: What I mean is, I want to fly with you. ]

Ogawa lowers her eyes, staring with something bordering on shyness at the ground. When she looks back up at him, he is still staring at her, disarmed, an arrested expression on his face.

“I want to be with you on your big day.” she tells him honestly.

He looks very touched and moved but then appears to remember that he is annoyed with her and says. “”You should have said that from the start.”

“If you fail I’ll laugh in your face”, she tells him and runs away pushing the trolley, leaving him to glare after her and then shouts out after her.

“Well if you get scared I’m not helping you this time!”. Shinkai laughs to himself as he watches her run away.

On the morning of the flight, Shinkai is putting on his uniform and receive a glimpse of a long scar which goes from his ankle to his heel on his right foot. He puts Mizushima's epaulette into his inside pocket.

As he leaves his flat, he sees removalists and boxes in front f her Mee Sook's apartment. She is clearly moving out. She sees him and says "Sho-chan, I've decided to move out. I'm still unhappy about you ditching me, but I can't go on moping forever." Shinkai notices the removalists listening and tries to deny that he ditched her. She embraces him violently and tells him not to pretend to be Sho-chan any more.

I always love watching Kimura's face in his scenes with Mee Sook – it's pure screwball comedy at its best. For an actor famous for playing heart-throb roles, Kimura is so good with his comic timing and expressions. Never over the top – just completely baffled with a hint of a laugh coming through.

Mee Sok gets into the lift and he stands in the doorway looking awkward. "Thank you for everything. I hope you'll do well at your job." Shinkai looks very serious and nods at her words.

Then she says: "I hope someday you'll be the best postman in Japan!"

As the lift doors close, he stares in shock at his pilot’s hat.

Shinkai then goes to the boatyard to tell his family that he is about to fly again. As usual Ryoji gruff and busy attending to customers. It appears that the two are going to pursue the same route with Makoto translating for them as he tells Ryoji that Shinkai will be flying that day.

As a slightly resigned Shinkai walks away, Ryoji unexpectedly asks him to bring back a gift. Shinkai looks surprised and asks his father what he would like. When Ryoji asks for a pineapple and Shinkai points out that he already brought a pineapple back last time (remember the first episode?), Ryoji tells him that one wasn't sweet enough.

Shinkai walks back towards his car, his father hails him on the horn and he turns around and sees Ryoji steering the boat, one arm extended and giving him a wordless thumbs-up sign in encouragement. It's a very heart-warming moment – I really love the interaction between the members of the Shinkai family. It's very touching and convincing – these three lonely men who are so bad at expressing their feelings but love each other so much.

Ogawa leaves home for the airport and Kaori comes out the front to give her a teary and emotional send off. The actress who plays Kaori is so odd-looking – sort of alien-like but incredibly cute and sweet at the same time. Again, I like the relationship between these two sisters, it's very convincing and touching. Kaori promises that on her next flight, they will fly together. I must say it is probably a very nervous Kaori standing there seeing off the last member of her family.

When Koda and Togashi encounter each other that morning, Togashi advises him that everyone is waiting for Shinkai to return. "But I guess - no one more than you," she observes. Koda starts to speak. "After this flight --" but does not finish the sentence, leaving poor Togashi hanging in suspense. Koda is a really terrible love interest, Togashi should have dumped him years ago. I really cannot believe that she has hung around for 12 years waiting for him to come to his sense – talk about patience on a monument! No wonder she went for Takeshi Kaneshiro in "Golden Bowl". :)

In the dispatch room, the forever playful Naito Jane pretends not to recall who Shinkai is. For some reason Naito Jane is holding the flight plan to Honolulu. Ota arrives and tells Shinkai that Naito Jane will be accompanying them in the cockpit as a third pilot. Naito Jane tells him: "If you prove to be useless, someone's got to take over so as not to inconvenience the passengers." Ota explains that Naito Jane has simply offered himself as backup.

To be honest, I'm not sure how this is any different from what Naito Jane just said, but who knows. Ota expresses his regret that he is not able to be a crewmember during Shinkai's special flight and commiserates that the captain will be Koda, adding that Shinkai should only regard him as a robot. At that point he notices that Koda has just walked into the room and is standing behind him, looking impassive as usual.

The three pilots walk through the departure lounge on the way to the plane, looking very smart in their uniforms. Koda and Naito Jane are wearing their hats but Shinkai is not for some reason.

As he walks through, he notices Ogawa sitting by herself waiting to board. He excuses himself from Koda and Naito Jane and walks over to her and crouches down beside her. “Excuse me ma’am. Today’s flight departs from Gate 63.” he tells her.

“I know.”

“Are you really okay?” he asks her, leaning down and studying her face intently.

It's so sweet the way he cares so much about her and is always looking out for her. I found myself going: "Ohhhhhh" all the way through this series.

“I’m fine” she repeats emphatically. [Chinese version: Totally fine]

“If you have any problems talk to the flight attendants,” he tells her. [Chinese: If you feel uncomfortable, immediately tell the flight attendants].

“Good luck not being failed by Koda,” she tells him and walks away.

He calls her back and stands in front of her looking a little awkward.

“When we get to Honolulu…..” [Chinese: After we get to Honololu (successful flight)]


“Well ….. When we get there ….”

“When we get there what???”

He leans towards her. “Kiss me.” he whispered in her ear. [Chinese: Let's kiss]

She laughs and tells him: “You’re so lame.” [Chinese: You're such an idiot] He pretends to look very offended.

“Come on”.” he tells her. [Chinese version: What do you mean calling me an idiot?] He walks away but he is grinning boyishly at her in a way over his shoulder in a way which makes her smile back at him despite herself.

When he rejoins Koda and Naito Jane, Naito Jane complains that he made them wait simply so that he could take his leave of Ayumi.

He explains that it is Ogawa's first flight and that she is coming on the Honolulu flight. Koda notes this. Naito Jane asks Shinkai which hotel Ogawa will be staying at in Honolulu. Shinkai says he doesn't know and as the two of them walk off to board the plane, you can hear Naito Jane telling Shinkai to find out – "Go and ask her" he tells him as Koda turns and looks very seriously at Ogawa. The two exchange a long serious look.

At the briefing, Koda tells the crew that although the flight is also Shinkai's final test, given that this is not an issue that is of concern for the passengers, the crew should still aim for perfection as usual. Togashi and Fukaura are among the crew and Fukaura calls out a "welcome back" to Shinkai. Although he explains that this flight will determine whether he can actually come back, they still act as though he is already a member of the crew again.

When Ogawa boards the plane, she is greeted by Togashi and Fukaura. Clearly the nerves have already started as she is very pale and frightened-looking. In the cockpit, Shinkai is being scrutinised by Koda and a sardonic Naito Jane as he goes through the pre-flight check-ups. As the aircraft starts taxiing down the runaway, we see that Ota is watching from a window and Ogawa looks increasingly apprehensive.

Part of me wonders why Shinkai doesn't just take Ogawa on a flight with himself as a passenger – that way he would be by her side to hold her hand and comfort her during her panic attacks instead of being trapped in the cockpit. That is neither here nor there though.

The passenger beside Ogawa is a small boy travelling on his own to join his parents. It is also his first flight and he tells Ogawa that he is not frightened and she shouldn't be frightened either. This makes her smile.

In the cockpit, all is going well. Back in the cabin, the flight is smooth and passengers are beginning to fall asleep. Shinkai studies the clear sky and stars but is told by Naito Jane and Koda that there is no time for such enjoyment. Suddenly they realise that a cumulus cloud which might cause thunder has appeared on the radar. I read somewhere on a forum posting that such an incident would be impossible as they should have known about this in advance. Who knows – it adds suspense I guess.

Back in the cabin, a passenger sitting in front of the little boy starts shaving with an electric razor. Togashi requests that he shave in the lavatory so as not to disturb the other passengers. He scowls but complies. A short time alter, the seatbelt sign is switched on and Koda makes an announcement that there may be some turbulence. Interestingly enough, he adds: "Every care will be taken to make this flight as comfortable as possible for those of you who are flying for the first time, as well as those who are seasoned travellers." This comment makes Shinkai stare at Koda in surprise as he realises he has said this for Ogawa’s benefit.

Shinkai sights the large cloud before them and Koda asks him what he should do. Naito Jane adds to his pressure by reminding Shinkai that he is being observed. Shinkai studies the size of the cloud and the amount of fuel that is still weighing them down. He suggests flying upwind and swerving through the right edge of the cloud to mimimise the impact. "Bingo," says Naito Jane. Koda comments: ""You seem to have made SOME progress." They adjust the route to comply with Shinkai's suggestion.

In the cabin Fukaura knocks on the lavatory door and asks the man who has been shaving inside to return to his seat. He grudgingly emerges, complaining under his breath and we see that he has left some water undrained in the sink. Although the plane manages to avoid most of the cloud, it gets caught in the tail end and the aircraft shudders rather violently. The little boy becomes frightened and clutches an equally frightened Ogawa although she holds him close.

The plane flies through lightning and is soon free of the cloud. Naito Jane comments "Nice combination" from behind Shinkai and Koda. Shinkai contacts Togashi to confirm that everyone is all right in the cabin. Just as she is saying that everyone is fine, there is a sound and the cabin is plunged abruptly into darkness. The passengers are alarmed and begin to make noises of panic which the pilots can hear through the. They are unable to explain the interruption in power to the cabin given that the cockpit is fine and all of their instruments do not indicate any errors. Togashi reports that the cabin is completely dark. Notwithstanding requests by the crew that passengers remain in their seats, some of the passengers are noisily demanding an explanation for the power outage. The little boy is very frightened and Ogawa reassures him, telling him that the plane has great pilots on board who will keep everyone safe. I am not sure whether she says pilots or pilot and if she was saying "pilot", did she mean Koda or Shinkai. I like to think she said pilots.

Shinkai advises Togashi that all is normal in the cockpit. They are still baffled by the power outage as the aircraft design is such that it should not be affected by lightning strikes. Koda instructs Togashi and the other crew members to identify the cause of the outage. Togashi tells him that they must first attend to the distressed passengers. Koda points out that they have a mechanic on board and that her services should be requested.

Togashi approaches Ogawa and asks her to assist. Ogawa is perplexed at the request but agrees to assist. Borrowing a torch, she makes her way through the dark cabin looking for the cause of the blackout. Fukaura remains with the small boy to comfort him.

Naito Jane and Shinkai confirm that everything in the cockpit is operating correctly. Ogawa runs through the instrument and computer displayers with the pilots in an attempt to identify the problem. Based on what she is advised, she concludes that a fuse must has blown somewhere. When Koda asks her if this is likely to affect the cockpit operations, she replies that until she knows the cause, she is not able to state categorically that it will not affect the cockpit. She then returns to her investigations.

Shinkai asks Koda's permission to go into the cabin and assist Ogawa. Koda looks at him and tels him: "It's at these times that a pilot must remain calm," says Koda. Shinkai assures him that he is calm and reminds Koda that Ogawa has told them that she cannot be 100% certain that cockpit operations will not be affected. In his opinion, if there is even a 1% doubt, the pilots are not able to ask the passengers to trust them unless they go and personally assess the situation themselves. He questions Koda and asks isn't that why there are human beings in the cockpit. In his view, even if it means failing his final test, he will not regret this. Without waiting for Koda's permission, he requests that Naito Jane takes his place as co-pilot. Naito Jane accepts.

Before Shinkai leaves, Koda points out that the sight of a pilot outside the cockpit may frighten the passengers, and says "If you ARE going out there, don't come back until you've allayed their fears. Captain's orders." I think this is Koda's versions of: "OK go." I'm not sure though, I'm not fluent in Cyborgese.

As soon as Shinkai appears in the cabin, the passengers naturally swarm around him demanding to know what is going on and that things must be really serious if the pilot has left the cockpit. He tries to tell them that the crew is doing their best to determine the cause and that a pilot is still flying the plane. Are passengers really that dumb that they don't know that every flight has a pilot and a co-pilot? A pilot is hardly going to leave the cockpit if he's the only on there.

Anyway, fortunately for the retarded passengers, Koda's voice comes over the PA system to announce that the cockpit is unaffected and that the plane is able to fly as per usual. He tells them that a pilot and a mechanic are both attempting to identify the source of the problem. As Koda puts down his handset, Naito Jane quips "Nice backup".

Ogawa hears the announcement and glances up to see Shinkai crouching down beside her, asking where he can look to assist her. She says she will check the overhead storage and asks Shinkai to check the rear galley. Miwako comes and tells him she can smell smoke in one of the lavatories. When Shinkai opens the door, he discovers that an electric shaver that has fallen into a sinkful of water. The shaver's snapped cord is still plugged into the outlet and is emitting acrid smoking. He asks Miwako to get Ogawa and pulls the hot plug out.

When Ogawa arrives he tells her it must have been left been left to charge and then short circuited. Ogawa examines the panel under the sink which is very hot tot he touch. Shinkai pulls off his gloves and hands them to Ogawa who checks the wiring. She discovers that the cabin light cable has burnt through. When he asks her if she can fix it, she tells him no as she has neither the tools nor the requisite parts. His next question is whether it will affect the cockpit. Ogawa assures him that as it is on a different circuit, cockpit functions should remain unaffected.

Shinkai looks down at her and has a very serious expression on his face. "It's not that I don't trust you but the lives of three hundred people as well as your own are at stake." Ogawa understands and is not offended.

I like the fact that this is an echo of their earlier "feather" encounter from the first episode except that this time there is no anger, hurt pride or arrogance – just two people who genuinely care about getting the job done and making sure everything is done right. They know each other and they know that it is not the time to be prickling up and being silly.

Ogawa meets his gaze squarely and answers that it will not affect the operating system.

"Trust me and go back to flying the plane," she tells him simply and Shinkai nods. He goes and stands at the front of the cabin and explains in a calm, matter of fact voice to the passengers that the power cut was caused by a shaver left by a passenger to charge in the lavatory. The man seated in front of the little boy starts looking a little guilty.

Shinkai explains that although the short circuit cannot be repaired in flight, they will continue to Honolulu as scheduled. He apologises and bows low.

There is something about the way Kimura does his deferential bows that is soooooo cute. He just looks so genuinely apologetic. Or maybe it;s the white shirt. I think I need to include a poll on my site because I keep calling him cute and I can't decide when he's cutest :P

The passengers are clearly upset at the thought of remaining in the dark for so long and start making a noisy protest.

Ogawa is sitting in the shadows watching Shinkai. Perhaps she is admiring how handsome he looks in his white shirt. I know I am.... I really do like how Kimura looks in the white pilot's shirt – so neat, straight and well-groomed. Oh I think I've said that before... I think I'm digressing. OK I've set up the poll. :) You be the judge.

Shinkai is about to rise from his deep bow (oooh bowing AND white shirt in one shot), glances out the window and notices something. "Those of you in the window seats, would you please raise your shades?" he asks them. The passengers look puzzled although some comply. "It is dawn. In the sky ahead of you and to the left, the sun is about to rise". More passengers comply and he continues. "Soon sunlight will fill the cabin. Please trust your crew."

He bows again towards the cabin which has suddenly fallen silent. I swoon again. Ogawa tentatively raises her window shade and sees a glorious sun rise above the clouds. As light streams into the cabin, there are cries of relief and delight.

From where he is standing, Shinkai can see every emotion on Ogawa's stunned face as she studies the dawn.

This is one of the most romantic and moving moments in the whole series as Shinkai simply stands there, his face shadowed in darkness as he watches the light playing over Ogawa's face which is filled with awed wonder. Her eyes fill with tears and she is smiling.


She glances away momentarily and her eyes meet his.

He smiles slightly, glances towards the sunrise as if to ask if it meets with her approval.

Sunlight starts to light up his shadowed face and he mouths something to her.

Some people say he is saying "Thank you" in English, others think it is "I love you" in English and others think he is saying: "Daijobu?" (are you all right). For my own part, I am not sure what he is saying, it doesn't really matter – the expression on both their faces says it all. Shinkai has no eyes for anyone or anything in the world except Ogawa so the words he is saying are unimportant.

Shinkai returns to the cockpit and resumes his seat, thanking Naito Jane.

"For what?" Naito Jane questions, returning to his observer's seat.

I should have added that Koda and Naito Jane were also enjoying the sunset although of course these two aren't as romantic as Ogawa and Shinkai ;)

Koda is silent and as they approach Honolulu Airport, Koda tells Shinkai to land the aeroplane. Shinkai flexes his fingers and notices that his gloves are still with Ogawa. Naito Jane tosses him his gloves and tells him: "Disinfect it before you give it back."

Shinkai smiles.

The landing causes applause from the passengers and Naito Jane compliments Shinkai on the landing.

As the passengers disembark, the little boy tells Ogawa that he might want to be a pilot when he grows up.

As Ogawa disembarks, the crew thanks her for her assistance.

In the cockpit Shinkai thanks Naito Jane, but the pilot merely grins and says "What for? It was great fun!". He leaves the cockpit.

Koda tells Shinkai that there was nothing of particular note in his performance as co-pilot. He points out that there was some unevenness in course alignment when the ship was rocking - however this should improve with experience."

The "should improve with experience" makes Shinkai realise that he has passed even before Koda announces,"You pass". Koda tells an overjoyed Shinkai that he has been returned to duty, that his first assignment is to fly the plane back to Tokyo tomorrow."

Poor old Ogawa and Shinkai – wasn't their original intention to spend a blissfully romantic 3 days in Honolulu? Since when did it become a next day flight. Way to go Mr Romance Killer Koda-San!!!! Maybe they can persuade Naito Jane to fly back instead ….

Shinkai remains silent after Koda's words and Koda asks him if he is dissatisfied with the result. What a strange question.

Shinkai says no. "It was a good thing for me that I was unable to fly for a while. It taught me just how important flying is to me. I won't give up this place where I can be closest to the sun, and go on enjoying flying all my life."

Unexpectedly, Koda says "It was lovely wasn't it - that morning sun... I have to thank you. Seeing you today reminded me of a time when flying was sheer delight. Shinkai - Thank you." He extends his hand and the two shake hands.

A little later, Togashi is sitting in the empty cabin filling in the cabin condition sheet. Koda and Shinkai come out of the cockpit and when she hears the results, she congratulates Shinkai who asks her to remain until he earns a fourth gold line on his sleeve. He then realises that three's a crowd and disappears quickly. Koda sits down and suggests that she sits next to him – repressed passion, Japanese style. He asks her if she would like to go somewhere with him -- not as captain and crew but as passengers. "Is that what you tried to ask me earlier?" she demands. They suggest a few foreign cities but given that both of them have been flying those routes regularly, nothing appeals. In the end, they just sit together, Togashi leaning her head on Koda's shoulder. It looks a little uncomfortable for poor Togashi, but judging by her expression, Togashi isn't complaining.

The camera pans over a rather gorgeous coastline and arrives at a beach where Ogawa is walking along the sand, Shinkai tagging along after her.

"You're late." she complains. [Chinese: So slow]. He protests that she knows he can't leave the plane until after the passengers, and besides he had to wait for the results of his examination. He tells her he passed:

"Of course." he tells her.

"A miracle." she tells him.

"Of course." he argues and the two grin at one another as she grudgingly congratulates him.

According to the English subtitles, he is shocked at her congratulations and she explains simply that she wanted to congratulate him. According to the Chinese translation, he protests: "Not one ounce of genuine feeling!" («缲¤@I ·P±¡³£¨S¦³©O¡^ and she retorts: "That's because there isn't any!!!" ¡]¦]¬°¯uªº¨S¦³©O¡I¡^A Japanese speaker has told me that this is what is said:

What? I cannot see your genuine feeling in what you say, why?
Because there isn¡¦t my genuine feeling in what I say.

As they study the water, he asks her diffidently if she was afraid and she replies that she didn't have time to be scared. OK, I am very shallow but much as I like Shinkai in this scene - does anyone else think his hair looked kind of ....... big?

Ogawa then tells him that she did see the sky above the clouds and it was beautiful. "Didn't I tell you that?" he asks her and she nods. He then asks her if she has truly overcome her fear. She tells him yes and he congratulates her. He glances at her and she glances back at him.

Determinedly, he faces her.

She meets his gazes squarely.

Ogawa closes her eyes and Shinkai leans down to kiss her – very nervous for some reason. The role reversal is quite funny here. He's so uncertain and she's quite sure of herself.

He is distracted by a crab by his foot and bends down to pick it up, leaving an outraged, unkissed Ogawa to glare up at him. He protests that it's a crab and waves it around at her.

As an aeroplane passes overhead, she glances up to look at it. Shinkai stares down at her, an arrested expression in his dark eyes which I guess is like a kiss, watching her face.

He puts his hat on her head – she looks very cute.

He adjusts it sideways, laughs and then takes the opportunity give her an extremely brief peck on the lips.

"That was terrible." she tells him critically and he looks outraged and offended.

This doesn't last long though as she boldly steps up to him and pulls him in for a proper kiss on the lips.

The kiss is a good one - which lasts for some time. He draws back and hugs her close.

Then he sweeps her into his arms to swing her around laughingly.

As the credits roll, we see Shinkai making yet another mad dash to get to the dispatch centre on time – hiding his face with his cap as he runs alongside the runaway.

Koda is in the middle of a pre-flight briefing, Miwako tells Fukaura that she might as well give up on Shinkai, and is told that she already has. Azumi greets Naito Jane who is to be captain of HIS flight and is told "I don't like you."

Shinkai crosses the departure lounge and passes a group of CAS from another airline. He does a double take as he thinks he sees someone he recognises. "It can't be." he mutters in disbelief and does a double take.

Mee Sook sails past him coolly in her CA uniform, murmuring to herself "You'll never get away from me, Sho-chan."

As Shinkai's plane takes off Ogawa looks up at it and smiles. The plane flies over Makoto and Ryoji who looks up at it and grumbles, but there is a faint smile on his stern face.

Togashi and Ota are busy serving refreshments in the cabin and smile when they hear Shinkai's voice coming through the PA system to address the passengers.

At the end of his short address, he says these words:

"The crew would like to thank you for your co-operation in making the journey to our destination a safe one. Down on earth, there is presently a lot of conflict. (This episode was filmed during the 2003 Gulf War apparently). However, along with all of you, we would like to hope that the clouds will part soon, enabling a clear sky appear again. We treasure this meeting in the sky and hope to travel again with you some time in the future. A good trip to you all."

He puts down the handset, then grabs it again and adds "Good luck!"

His smile is quickly replaced by a serious look as he concentrates on what lies ahead.

Koala then cries because the series is over.

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