Episode 6

The episode commences with a recap of the whole "you pissed me off" encounter.

Shinkai walks towards Ogawa who stands with hands in pockets and interestingly enough doesn't step back as he approaches her. The music playing is "Passage" and the two circle around one another testingly.

The two exchange awkward "so what now" conversation until Shinkai finally takes the plunge and asks her out for dinner. "Don't we often eat together?" she asks him – clearly both are at the point when they want to say that they're ready to be dating.

Ogawa says that it would be all right to go out and eat as long as they don't go to the same places they always go and Shinkai nods and realises that she means a trendy place, a place where one goes for a date ….. [OK in the English version he says: "Oh a trendy place", but in the Chinese version he says: "Oh a place where you can chat and drink tea".] A Japanese speaker says the English subtitles are correct.

He suggests later that day, she says she's working. Shinkai is disappointed and asks her why she didn't say so in the first place. [In the English version she says - she was trying to but he kept interrupting. In the Chinese version she says, she said yes but she didn't necessarily meant today and then says something along the lines of - are you saying I have misunderstood you?]

He tells her that he has to fly to Beijing the next day. [In the English version she merely acknowledges this, in the Chinese version she asks him when he returns.]

They finally agree that when he flies back on Sunday night, they'll go out for their first real date.

He's clearly overjoyed at the prospect and tells her not to forget – "don't release my pigeon" if you're reading the Taiwanese subtitles …..

For a side by side comparison of this scene given that it has a number of different differences, click here.

On Saturday morning Shinkai dumps his rubbish in the garbage hopper and turns his back to go to his car. He suddenly realises that Mee Sook is rummaging in the hopper, pulling out the bag of rubbish Shinkai has just put in. When he tries to get it back, she shouts "You're throwing away all our souvenirs!" and dashes off with it.

Shinkai looks so adorably distressed and exclaims: “It’s just not right!” and then he looks up and sees the neighbours looking on with interest, making him mutter: “Stop watching everything I do!” I laugh out loud every time I see this scene - he just looks sooooo frustrated at the whole situation.

Koda, who is to fly to Beijing with Shinkai, arrives at the airline office building.

Ogawa (who seems to make a habit of lurking by the door) greets him and apologises for having talked too much about herself that night in Eagle. As Koda watches her walk away, Togashi comes and teases him. Koda, hearing that she is headed for Singapore and also due back on Sunday, asks her to make time for him on Sunday evening as he wants to tell her something.... Ooooh ooooh what could it be? Actually - I don't care. Just move back to Shinkai and Ogawa will you?

In the dispatch room Shinkai checks out the weather, and also asks for Sunday's forecast.

Naito Jane lurks smirkingly around and asks him if he has a date on Sunday. Shinkai denies this, but Naito Jane asks if it is with Ogawa or Togashi. "You'd better keep away from Togashi Noriko. She's dangerous" he says inexplicably. Did I miss a storyline in here somewhere about Togashi being dangerous? I know she can bowl but that doesn't mean she's dangerous ......

Koda walks in. He asks about the weather for Sunday’s return flight and Shinkai says he already has it. Koda is surprised that Shinkai has thought of checking the weather forecast for the return flight as well. "Good thinking for once," he says.

Naito Jane knows better and despite Shinkai's denials, Naito Jane tells him: "For Ogawa's sake, don't take her to any more sushi places." Too hysterical. [In the Chinese version he says: 步實還是沒變吧? 一樣喜歡去吃迴轉壽司 - Ayumi still hasn't changed? Still likes to eat sushi? Not quite so funny - and kind of disturbing actually]. A Japanese speaker has told me that the English subtitles are more correct.

Around midday in Beijing, Shinkai is hurtling through the hotel corridor, trying to reach the checkout counter before Koda gets there. However, Koda is already there and looking at his watch.

Shinkai arrives at the counter and overhears that a doctor (who happens to be an extremely obnoxious woman wearing too much make-up particularly powder) needs to return to Tokyo to perform an urgent operation. Her way of dealing with an already tense situation when she clearly knows the Chinese hotel employee cannot understand Japanese is to - continue to yell at him in Japanese. When he still can't understand (stupid of him not to be able to pick up an at least conversational understanding of Japanese within 1 minute), she thumps the table and yells at him some more.

Despite the fact that the woman is a complete rude cow, Shinkai ever the Good Samaritan arranges for to have a seat on board his flight to Narita. Koda on the other hand listens with a scowl. I have to add, she is really rude to Shinkai. First of all she was yelling at the poor hotel staff member, then when Shinkai offers to give her the number to call ANA, she shoves the phone at him and tells him to call, then when he has to clarify her name - which is not an unusual thing to do especially for Chinese/Japanese names, she asks him: "Are you sure you can fly the plane"????

Unfortunately, the flight back to Narita is not trouble-free.

At 5:35 pm, as the plane passes over Tottori Prefecture in the Southwest of Japan, Shinkai checks the fuel. All is in accordance with their calculations. He notes lightning flashing beneath the clouds. Koda warns him that although the lightning appears to be distant, they should still be watchful. In the Narita hangar the maintenance crew are feeling the chill and are told that a thick fog is moving down from the north, and that disruptions to the flight schedule are unavoidable.

Togashi arrives back from Singapore and is told by other CAs that her flight had just managed to land in time. Later flights are being prevented from landing because of the weather

At 6:15pm, Shinkai is advised that both Tokyo airports are wrapped in thick fog with approximately twenty aircraft waiting for the fog to clear. At 6:45pm, as they fly over Suruga Bay, Ota announces to the passengers that they will be circling above Narita until they can land.

At 8pm, it is over an hour later and they are still in the air above Narita. Visibility is 300 metres. Koda tells Shinkai to ask for permission to fly to Kansai International Airport in Osaka.

At 8:05pm they are advised that there are storm clouds spreading over Kansai International and that flying there cannot be recommended. Koda decides to go up north, to Shin-Chitose Airport in Hokkaido. Shinkai protests that one of the passengers is a surgeon due back in Tokyo for a surgery and that if they go to Shin-Chitose, there will not be another flight back to Narita until the morning. He pleads with Koda to remain in the air a little longer, but Koda tells him it is the captain's decision.

Koda informs the passengers over the PA system. The passengers are furious, particularly the doctor aka Ungrateful Cow Wearing Too Much Make Up who pulls out her mobile phone. Fukaura tries to stop her from using it, but only when Ota offers the Ungrateful Cow the use of the plane phone does she listen.

Back at Narita, Abe tells Ogawa that the Beijing flight has been diverted to Shin-Chitose. "You were waiting for that flight, weren't you?" he says.

Ogawa of course denies this but he says: "Don't think I can't tell. I've been watching you. But be careful. Shinkai-san isn't a bad guy, but pilots are popular. A girl like you might find it tough at times." He urges her to go home.

Does this mean Abe likes her so is always watching her? Is it simply that Abe is her supervisor so he looks out for her? I have no idea. He did tell her she had a cute face before though.

Togashi later enters the Eagle to see Ogawa eating alone at the bar. She joins her and the two eat together.

At 9:15pm, Miwako calls from the cabin to ask the landing spot in Shin-Chitose. Suddenly Ushijima (aka Ungrateful Cow) grabs the receiver and demands that they return to Narita. She personally blames Shinkai as he was the person who assisted her to get a ticket on that plane. Things like grim for our young hero. "Why give up so soon!" she fumes, "If you take us to Shin-Chitose, it'll be noon before I get to Tokyo, My patient won't last that long! Say something, pilot! You got me on this plane, didn't you?" Ota manages to break the connection and Ungrateful Cow takes her seat.

In the cockpit Shinkai asks Koda yet again to fly back to Narita. "There's no guarantee that we can land. Don't get carried away by your feelings," Koda answers. Shinkai insists that it is not just for the Ungrateful Cow - the other passengers must be feeling the same way. Some of them might have pressing family needs, or work pressures, or their sweethearts waiting for them.

Koda points out that it will be disastrous if they turned back again and ran out of fuel before the fog cleared. Shinkai protests that they still have more fuel and pleads for 30 minutes more. He tells Koda that they are carrying people not cargo and although safety is important, he does not want to give up until they have tried up to the last moment.

Then in a surprising move, Koda asks Shinkai why he would think that Koda had given up? Circling in the air is wasting fuel and he instructs Shinkai to ask the Operation Control Centre to refuel at Hokkaido airport. He asks Shinkai how long will 100,000 pounds of fuel permit them to stay in the air. Shinkai calculates that this will provide them approximately four hours. Koda explains to him that there is thunderstorm moving north from Kansai. The fog will be scattered by the storm and there will be a brief break in the weather. According to Koda’s calculations, at its current rate, the storm would affect the bay area in about three hours, just around the time they return to Narita. Koda’s intention is to aim for that window. He looks gravely at Shinkai: “Remember this, Shinkai, trying until the last moment cannot be done without judging the situation correctly. Where's your answer?"

"Sir!" Shinkai replies and then amends it to "Roger." Shinkai is astonished – as was I because it results in yet another announcement to the poor passengers who must feel like yo-yos by now. I mean Shinkai has already made one announcement that they are going to Chitose and now he makes another to say: "Yes we're going to Chitose but it's only to refuel and then we'll come back to Narita".

It makes for good dramatic television, but isn't so great for managing passenger expectations.

In the Eagle Bar Togashi and Ogawa are talking. Togashi confides that she has been stood up and asks Ogawa if she has also been stood up – also by someone in the aviation industry. She apologises for appearing to pry but then comments: "It's an odd job, though, isn't it?" she continues. "Appointments get missed, and once on the plane, you can't even call. Can you trust him and wait?" Ogawa is clearly very hesitant to answer, not wanting to in any way convey that she and Shinkai are in a relationship.

Just as Shinkai’s plane lands in Shin-Chitose Airport, Togashi and Ogawa leave the bar. Togawa appreciates having had someone to dine as the younger CAs do not tend to ask her out. Ogawa guilelessly tells her: "That's because you're perfect - just like Koda-san.” Togashi smiles ruefully and comments that she hopes that she is not that ruthless a perfectionist.

Togashi observes that Ogawa is very similar to Shinkai - awkward, blunt, always clashing with people, but very endearing. Naturally this doesn't go down well at all with Ogawa who doesn't wish to be compared to such an ill-mannered person. Togashi merely laughs and protests that she likes Shinkai-Kun very much – “You don't find many who's straightforward to the point of being foolhardy." The two then part company.

At 10:45pm, at Shin-Chitose Hajime and Koda impatiently wait for the refuelling to finish.

Back in Tokyo, Togashi looks at her mobile phone but there is no message from Koda while Ogawa arrives home and surprises her sister Kaori who had expected her to be out later. A disconsolate Ogawa flops on her bed, disappointed at how the day has turned out.

At 11:55pm, the plane is flying over Kashima-nada, off the coast of Chiba, a little to the north of Narita. Shinkai checks the situation with the airport. They are advised that the window provided by the approaching storm will only last a short while. Shinkai switches on the "Fasten Seat Belts" sign and Koda advises Shinkai that trying until the last moment requires the combined effort of captain and co-pilot, the landing requires skill and they will need to do it together.

At 0:42am the plane is now above Narita with visibility now only 100 metres. Shinkai is dismayed, claiming that it is even worse than before and ruefully jokes that suggesting a return to Shin-Chitose now would cause a riot. Koda tells him to calm down – a gap will come.

The plane lowers itself into the fog and Shinkai counts down the visibility. I never knew that waiting for fog to clear could be so tense – I kid you not. The music is tense, and so is this koala!!!

Suddenly the information from Control Centre declares a visibility of 800 metres. They decide to seize this opportunity. As they lower altitude to 40 metres, Shinkai desperately strains to see through the fog.

Suddenly a series of bright dots leap into view and he exclaims exultantly: "I see them! Approaching lights in sight!" He counts off the timing and Koda grips the controls. The plane lands safely, the passengers applaud.

As the passengers are disembarking, Ungrateful Cow pushes through and borrows the intercom. She thanks Shinkai , and he tells her that now it is her turn to do her best. "Can't let you pilots get the better of me, can I?" she grins. She disembarks, thanking the CAs with a big smile. Oh just get out of this storyline already, would ya? Shinkai might have forgiven you for being rude and horrible to him but Koala sure hasn't!!!

Shinkai apologises to Koda for doubting him. Koda interrupts him and asks the time. "One-thirty," he answers.

"It was a long flight," replies Koda. Shinkai suddenly realises what the lateness of the hour means – he has missed his date with Ogawa. As he mentally kicks himself, Koda gets up to leave, but turns in the doorway to say "Otsukare-san” to Shinkai.

Surprised and pleased, Shinkai relaxes and breaks into a big yawn, but again remembers the time.

When Shinkai phones Ogawa, it is past 2 am but she is lying sleepless in bed and answers the phone almost immediately.

Interestingly enough, Ogawa is genuinely not angry with him for missing their date. I guess as part of the ground staff she was fully aware of the problem with fog and the fact that they were forced to re-route to Chitose.

She asks him if he is in a hotel in Sapporo and he tells her that he is probably somewhere very near to her. Ogawa does not believe him but at that moment an ambulance passes his car – she hears the same siren somewhere in the neighbourhood and realises he is telling the truth.

The conversation that results is extremely cute as he entreats her to come out to see him notwithstanding the lateness of the hour.

He explains that although it is late and all romantic places suitable for a date are closed - he wants to see her because he wants to talk to her about the day. When she comments on how late it is, he takes the phone away from his ear and makes a sound of exasperation. "Come out! (出來嘛) " according to the Chinese subs, "I just want to see her!" according to the English subs. He does the very cute hand gesture I love to entreat her to come out.

When he hears her wavering, he says very sweetly: "I just want to see you."

Even Ogawa can't resist an entreaty like that so she agrees to meet with him.

Cut to Togashi sitting alone – back at the Eagle for some reason. Koda is sitting in darkness in his office on the phone. He sort of apologises to her and she reproaches him for not calling earlier. She suggests archly that because he didn't come back, she went out with an unexpected person on a date.

Koda doesn't display any interest in finding out who she went out with and she lies and says that she is already at home when he asks her out for a drink. These two are a terminal case is all I can say.

Back at the more interesting storyline, Ogawa sneaks into a 24-hour diner and stands before a somnolent Shinkai who is slumped on the table, fast asleep.

Shinkai wakes up for a brief moment, mutters a few things about the day and then slumps into sleep again to the bemusement of Ogawa who looks exasperated at first that she has come out for nothing – but then almost ruefully tender as she looks at his sleeping face.

The camera pulls back and we see Ogawa sitting there across the table from a sleeping Shinkai. Who knows how long she sits there watching over him. I like to think that it's all night.

When he awakens the next morning (wiping the drool from the sleeve of his leather coat), he finds he's alone and finds a note under his windscreen wiper. "I had to leave because I have to go to work. Idiot."

Poor Shinkai stares at the note and looks disappointed which makes me feel sorry for him – but he's just so damned cute in his disappointment. Oh no, there's no more room on the poll for more Shinkai cuteness. Whatever is a poor Koala to do???? :)

Comments: Given that this is the first time both Shinkai and Ogawa openly acknowledge to one another that they like each other – this is one of my favourite episodes. They are just so damned cute together. As for Koda and Togashi - honestly those two are hopeless. As someone else has pointed out, Shinkai and Ogawa still managed to find a way to meet despite the lateness of the hour whereas Koda and Togashi still circle warily around each other like kids.

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