Episode 5

On a return flight from an overnight business trip to Washington, DC, Shinkai, Koda and Naito Jane are flying as passengers in economy class. The three are clearly finding economy seating very confining and Shinkai is squashed in between Naito Jane and an always impassive Koda. After Naito Jane steals Shinkai's blanket, Fukaura goes to get him another one – knocking Koda’s paper cup over which causes him to frown. He watches her and is clearly not happy to see her go into raptures over Kumakawa Tetsuya (a famous ballet dancer) while ignoring a passenger’s request for water.

Koda asks Shinkai if he is well-acquainted with Fukaura. Shinkai denies any special relationship, but Naito Jane naughtily hints that they always seem to be talking to each other on the side.

Fukaura gives Kumakawa Tetsuya the red pen he requested as well as complimentary sweets and gifts, continuing to ignore an old woman's request for water. Fukaura tells Kumakawa that she is a great fan. She mentions that she wants to go to the performance of Swan Lake, but the tickets are very hard to get. Kumakawa offers to get her one. Delighted, she is about to give him her name card.

In a Terminator Cyborg fashion, you see Koda suddenly seize her hand to stop her from giving out her card. Koda apologises to the star for her behaviour and in full view of everyone in the cabin, drags her into the galley.

Koda demands to know what she is doing when the cabin staff are busy. Fukaura explains that she got carried away because was a huge fan of Kumakawa. Koda refuses to accept her excuse. Ota intervenes, saying he will talk to her later, but Koda reprimands Ota for not disciplining her.

He continues to scold Fukaura in extremely strong language, telling her: "You aren't worthy of being called a CA, or even a person."

As Fukaura gets upset, Shinkai pokes his head in behind the curtain looking quite comically distraught, asking if it wouldn't be possible to save the reprimand for later given that the passengers in the cabin can hear them. Koda dismisses Shinkai as being too soft-hearted and continues to scold Fukaura who uses this as an opportunity to fling herself into Shinkai's arms, propelling him into the passenger cabin where all passengers can see a disconcerted Shinkai being embraced by Fukaura. An extremely embarrassed Shinkai shoves her back into the galley and grimaces in annoyance. Segue to opening credits.

After arriving at Narita, Fukaura accompanied by Ota, apologises to the Head of Cabin Attendant Division. When she is told that she must apologise to Koda as well, she refuses to do so, claiming that he had no right to insult her like that in public. Fukaura states angrily that Koda should also be required to reflect upon his actions and states that she is intending to sue him for defamation. Not surprisingly, Koda refuses to apologise to Fukaura and basically does the whole: "Lay on Macduff" speech, Japanese style.

Shinkai meets Ogawa in the lobby and gives her a gift from Washington, which turns out to be a catalogue of new Boeing equipment. Ohhhh, he's such a sweetie. :) OK maybe I wouldn't like a catalogue of new Boeing equipment, but it was nice that he thought of Ogawa while on his trip.

"Were you expecting something different?" he asks her and she looks at him, calls him an idiot and walks away. Awwwww, she likes it. Before you look at me like I'm nuts - haven't you ever read Calvin & Hobbes and Susie Derkins???? :)

He doesn’t look offended, quite the contrary and asks her if she’d like to have dinner with him. His excuse is that he would like to hear her opinion of the Boeing equipment - as a mechanic." [The Chinese version says that she might like to ask HIM some questions about the Boeing].

Ogawa gives him a look and says "If that's the case then I agree." Shinkai demands: "If that's the case???? You'd come along so long as you could eat, right?" He is so funny sometimes.

At that moment, Azumi summons Shinkai with news relating to Koda.

The other flight attendants rally behind Fukaura and state that Koda is overly strict. They refuse to work with him despite the attempts of Togashi and Ota to calm them down.

Shinkai to hs discomfort is called into the cabin crew director's office to testify if Koda really said that Fukaura was not fit to be a person. Given that the cyborg is standing there as he is forced to answer, Shinkai handles the situation very well and says that Koda did say this, but does his best to downplay the seriousness of the situation by providing context.

As a result, Koda is removed from the Hong Kong flight and Naito Jane takes his place. Koda is naturally annoyed that the cabin crew director is acceding to the demands of the flight attendants, but his answer is that he does not wish this situation to affect the passengers. As Koda leaves the dispatch room, Jane sees the look on Shinkai’s face and jokes "Do you like him that much, then?"

Due to an innate sense of justice, Shinkai is quite unhappy about the situation and begins to feel pity for the cyborg. He watches as Miwako, a stereotypically ditzy flight attendant comes into the cockpit to flirt with Naito Jane and tell him how much better it is to work with him than Koda.

Togashi visits Koda to provide comfort and counsel and basically lets him know that the situation is one of his own making. Koda comments dryly that it might be easier to let himself get sued and sacked. Yet again, there she alludes to the incident 12 years earlier. “Maybe then you'll be free from what happened 12 years ago," she says, "But can you give up being a pilot?"

When Ogawa learns about the incident, she is outraged and scolds Fukaura for her conduct, causing the flight attendant to storm off in a huff. Ogawa is quite impetuous here – according to her, Koda would not be so angry without reason and she presumes Fukaura is in the wrong. I think she probably should have checked with someone who was there before reprimanding Fukaura given that Koda was a little extreme in some of his comments.

Shinkai is concerned about Koda and asks in an awkward fashion if there is anything he can do to help. Yet again, it is not really so much that Shinkai likes Koda – I think that he respects him professionally and thinks that it is unfortunate to have such an incident take place. In true cyborg style, Koda tells him to mind his own business and worry about himself instead of concerning himself with the affairs of others.

Fukaura runs after Shinkai in the carpark to speak with him. "You're too uncool for words," he answers, "Suing a team-mate, indeed. Yes, I was there and saw what happened, but suing is a different matter."

Fukaura jokes that he should marry her to make her drop the case. When Shinkai looks at her in disbelief, she suggests an evening with him instead then…… Shinkai is speechless. Fukaura says that she was just joking and starts walking away. Shinkai sighs and calls to her, opening the passenger side door. From memory, there's a funny poll over at Runboard where people were voting on Whose scarf would you like to borrow?

A) Koda's
B) Shinkai's
C) Togashi's
D) Fukaura's


Ogawa waits outside the building for Koda to leave, observing that he looks fine. In a rather bold move for Ogawa she invites him to eat dinner with her. As they walk, the two of them talk about work. He asks about what it is like to be the only woman in a man's job. She says that that is not a problem as they all simply wish to do their jobs. The issue is that she is not the sort of person who is able to conceal her emotions when angry. She tells him she could never be a flight attendant. He makes a joke (by Koda standards) and says that he would win any competition for being least popular. She even asks him if he has a girlfriend. I really don't know what the writers wanted us to think here but Ogawa/Koda as a pairing is just sooooooooooo wrong.

At the bar of the Eagle, Fukaura and Shinkai are talking. Fukaura complains about the venue. “"I thought you were taking me to some fancy restaurant -- and maybe reserve a room upstairs for later," she moans.

He tells her not to be ridiculous. She pouts and says that he is being so mean when she has been slandered, hit and deeply wounded. "Don't exaggerate. You weren't hit," he points out.

She tells him: “No, but that mechanic girl glared at me really fiercely. Don't you think it was mean of her?"

When Fukaura mentions the mechanic girl, he asks: "Ogawa?" and his mind is clearly on Ogawa rather than Fukaura after that. It's funny how even just a mention of Ogawa's name makes Shinkai preoccupied.

He glances up and to his displeasure sees Ogawa entering with Koda at her side - she's smiling and looks very comfortable with Koda.

Fukaura is shocked to see them.

Ogawa and Koda look similarly unimpressed to see Shinkai and Fukaura.

Shinkai asks to sit with them and urges Fukaura to talk to Koda directly instead of going through lawyers and law courts.

She claims that she doesn't want to say anything in front of Ogawa who isn't even a member of the crew. Ogawa scornfully says that if Fukaura truly believes that she is right, she should have the courage to speak her mind no matter who is present.

Fukaura panics and runs out of the room, Shinkai following behind her. Outside, he finds a Fukaura who confesses that she does lack confidence.

He drives her back home and in candour she expresses envy towards Shinkai and Ayumi for being able to do the kind of work they wanted to do. "But you wanted to be a CA, didn't you?" he asks. She reveals that she only became a flight attendant because she wanted to be looked up to and because everyone said she was cute but the reality of the job was quite different from her expectations.

She and Shinkai have a fairly frank discussion about reasons for doing jobs. “From a passengers point of view, who wants to be waited on by someone who hates it?" Fukaura is silent but then he mentions that she always has a big smile on her face when working.

Although in the long run, this appears to be a factor that persuades her to drop the intention to sue Koda, it is a mistake as Fukaura takes it as an invitation and begs Shinkai to "hold" her. "Shinkai-san, if you hug me I won't sue Koda-san. No one's watching, so--"

The look on Shinkai's face when she asks this is absolutely hilarious. He looks completely horrified at the thought and scrambles out of the car as she lunges towards him – bumping his head in the process. Very unflattering for poor Fukaura but hilarious for the audience.

"I can't!" he protests. "I mean, it's not nice it being like a condition.” When she looks as though she is going to pursue him, he says in an artless honest albeit brutal fashion: "Even if I did hold you – it wouldn't mean anything unless I really liked you." [In the Chinese version he says 這種談條件的方式很令人討厭不是嗎。 而且對不喜歡的人怎麼行. My Chinese isn't good enough to translate it properly - something along the lines of - towards someone you don't like - how can it be?] She reproaches him for being so cruel but as he makes a swift getaway, Fukaura stands in the doorway of her building smiling – clearly having come to a decision about what to do.

Here's a quote from one of the cruel people at Runboard: Now we know... Shinkai's really a girl. What guy says, "I can't do it unless I like that person"

Meanwhile, back at Eagle, Ogawa and Koda are bonding and she tells him that she feels secure in his presence. She confides to him about the death of her parents in a plane crash 12 years earlier. She tells him that although this had been devastating, one of the primary reasons for her decision to become a mechanic was in the hope that no one else will have to go through the same experience. "I've never told anyone at work. Didn't want people to think I was asking for sympathy. But I feel a bit easier now,” she tells him. Koda's face becomes even more cyborgy when he hears this.

When Shinkai returns home that evening, he discovers that his younger brother Shinkai Makoto has been hanging out with the flaky Korean girl next door. Apparently, he had been waiting for Shinkai and the woman next-door had given him supper. As Shinkai smacks him on the head for accepting such offers, kooky neighbourgirl smacks him back protests that he shouldn't treat their brother so roughly.

Makoto imagines that Shinkai must be sleeping with her - something which Shinkai violently denies.

We learn that Makoto has run away from home with the intention of quitting high school. Shinkai drags his brother home. At home their father doesn't even look up when Shinkai arrives with Makoto. "Walking out isn't going to solve anything. Tell him," Shinkai says. Makoto states that there is no need to discuss it, as he has thought it all out. "Say it!" Shinkai insists. It turns out that Makoto has decided to quit school so that he could help in his boat business since Shinkai has no interest in taking over the business.

The following scene is quite a touching one allowing us a glimpse into the Shinkai family – about the fact that Shinkai elected not to take on the family business but pursue a career as a pilot instead.

You just don't want to go to school because you're dumb," Shinkai tells his brother.

"That's rich coming from you who's had your own way. I'm going to run the ship cause you wouldn't. And I want to do it properly if I'm doing it at all!" says Makoto. Then Ryoji says that he doesn't want them to take over the ship.

"There's no need to be like that," protests Shinkai . "I feel bad about having had my own way when you wanted me to take over."

But Ryoji walks out of the room. Shinkai says to Makoto "I don't say that talking will solve everything, but you should speak up, too."

Mr Shinkai comes back wearing an anorak and carrying two more. He thrusts them at his sons and tells them to fetch the rods.

The three of them go fishing on the night sea where the family continues their strange three-way conversations in which they never speak to each other directly but rely on the third person to tell the intended recipient what is being said … It's quite cute.

For instance, Mr Shinkai says: "I want you to man a much bigger ship, not a tiny one like this. Man a big ship and go places where there's only the sea, 360 degrees around the compass."

Shinkai translates this to Makoto as "He says you can't man a big ship if you're dumb".

Makoto pouts but answers "Oh, all right! I like ships so..."

Shinkai turns to his father and says "He says he loves you."

The last scene we see of them, Shinkai and Makoto are squabbling on the boat in the darkness. It's a lovely scene of domestic love and I love the way the show takes time out to show Shinkai with his family.

Fukaura drags a puzzled Shinkai to her meeting with Koda, telling him that he has to take full responsibility. She tells Koda who is sitting down and staring at her in his impassive manner that she is withdrawing her threat to sue but that is not because she is giving in to him. "I still think you shouldn't shout at people in the cabin or insult them this badly. But I didn't get through that tough training period to give it all up because of your bullying. So I've decided to let you off."

Koda rises from his seat and replies "But I won't let you off. I don't need imperfect crew members."

Hearing this Shinkai grins. "If you make any more slip-ups on my flight I shall be even more strict," says Koda.

Fukaura looks to Shinkai for support. Shinkai's only reaction is to say “fight” and make a comical gesture, indicating that they should start fighting – reminding me of my days of judo when the sensei would tell us to start fighting.

Fukaura then claims that she will prove Koda wrong – he says that he will remember that promise and Fukaura leaves. Shinkai stands there grinning in smug self-satisfaction until a look from Koda indicates that he should get out.

The briefing for Koda's flight starts. As Koda instructs the cabin crew to finish serving meals before they get on the jet stream, Fukaura is the first to answer "Yes, sir." In the galley the other CAS ask if she really is dropping charges when, after all, Koda had not apologised. "I really don't mind anymore," She answers, and adds, to the other women's consternation, "Since now I know Shinkai-san has been looking out for me."

Somewhere else at Narita, Naito Jane and Ota Kenzaburo are engaged in conversation and when Ota expresses relieve that the dispute has been resolved, Naito is surprised given Ota's dislike of Koda. Ota and Shinkai are clearly of the same mind – notwithstanding how they feel about Koda as a person, they cannot fault his professionalism and his dedication to his job. The skies are safer with a man like Koda flying the plane.

At lunchtime, Shinkai carrying what appears to be a bag of bananas, goes in search of Ogawa. The two of them sit in an area looking out at the runway which has park benches. I am not entirely sure why there are park benches there given that the grass all appears to have died a long time ago, but anyway the two of them sit at opposite ends of a bench and speak of what has taken place.

Ogawa is pleased that the issue has been resolved and asks Shinkai what he said to Fukaura. When Shinkai gives a vague reply, Ogawa shrugs that it is nothing to do with her anyway given that Fukaura said she wasn't a member of the crew. Shinkai accuses her of being jealous, something she dnies. Shinkai calls her on this, telling her that she seemed awfully cosy with Koda at the restaurant that day.

He then says: "I never knew you had a thing for older man – I guess I should have known."

Ogawa looked annoyed and tells him that he is pathetic. He looks even more annoyed and tells her that she's the pathetic one.

She gets up, says that talking to him is a waste of time and she walks away.

Before she can leave though, he says irritably that because she is thick-headed, he'll spell it out clearly. Seeing her looking so happy with Koda made him angry (生氣) (Chinese subtitles) - "pissed him off" according to the English subtitles.

Ogawa looks absolutely gobsmacked by this revelation and Shinkai is obviously determined to make a clean breast of it – seeing her with Koda pissed him off and it was terrible.

Then he turns around and sits down, clearly satisfied to have said his piece.

The surprises continue to unfold as Ogawa says: "Me too" which completely floors Shinkai who cannot believe what he is hearing. He spins around again - he must be getting tired with all the turning!

"Me too." she mumbles and confesses that the sight of Shinkai with Fukaura also pissed her off – in fact it infuriated her.

This whole scene is one of the funniest and most heart-warming scenes of the whole series.

Shinkai clearly cannot believe what he's hearing and keeps pulling faces at Ogawa as if to say: "Come again?"

Either that or he just likes hearing her say it.

The episode ends with him walking towards her with a goofy smile on his face.

Comments: Good episode. Fukaura and Shinkai are are funny together. I'm not a huge fan of Koda and Ogawa together but it's nice to have some cyborg character development. I also like Shinkai's compassion towards Fukaura even though he isn't sexually attracted to her. And the Ogawa/Shinkai badinage at the end of the episode is just a 10 out of 10 in terms of cute squealiness!!!!

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