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Thanks to everyone who emails me. I am so sorry I am such a slack correspondent!!!!

Hey Koala, I just read your write up on Good Luck and I must say, I loved it! It was sooo hilarious, with your personal opinion and all. And I totally agree with some of your comments on the oh-so-cute Takuya Kimara's acting. Thanx so much!

Hi Koala

Hey may I stroke your fur by any chance?

Sleazy thoughts aside, here's a heartfelt thumbs-up on the Good Luck commentary/review (whatever u call it). I kept having to flip the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary to comprehend certain adjectives. Kudos! (I guessed I would have stroked a lot of u by now. Oops, I mean ur ego)

Out of curiosity, are u a linguist/lawyer/interpreter by profession? U sound so Singaporean... Be proud of it if u r indeed one ok?

Thanks for the review.It kept my eyes even more peeled than the actual dorama.



very impressed with the summary that you have prepare and written for the drama Good Luck.

Hi, Thank you for your wonderful synopsis. Think its truly very detailed. Couldnt help but read on while its showing on tv now in Singapore. Do you happen to be from Singapore? Haha. Thanks once again!

i saw your 'good luck' page. its very well done. do u have bigger screen captures from Good Luck that can be used as wallpaper ??

arigato !

Subject: Website form submission: I, your humble subject,oh mighty queen!

Do i stii need to write one, after such a fascinating introduction? Actually, I am, quite literally, in the middle of eating some fresh- picked oysters and watching Mystery! , so i don't know how i'm going to manage to write anything at all. I just found your site, thanks to a hun t for Seachange inspired by my aussie oyster-picking buddy. haven't more than glanced at it but i have that exciting tingle that suggests that I maybe about to learnthings interesting and rare...or that the oysters are venomous...

i say, you are female,aren't you? i meant that sort of queen, ofcourse...although i was thinking a little bit of "alice in the wonderland", too. Gomen ne!

forgive me if this is all in the faq, which i haven't read yet, but do you live in HK? Do you know much about good BT sites for obscure asian and british tv shows,etc? Especially china?( i hope so! I hope so!)

Hi! I'm a Singaporean girl who came across your website while surfing the net for information on the show GOOD LUCK by Takuya Kimura. I find that you have done a fantastic job in piecing out the story in words. You must have spent lots of effort in every review. Anyway, I agree with you that Takuya Kimura is extremely charming and cute... haha! Once again! Good Job! Keep it up! =)


thanks for doin this, really enjoyed it- your sharp observation, candid comments and hilarious jokes kept me laughing..

due to my work, i can't rush back in time to watch some episodes (now on air in s'pore)

take care

First of all, very very good job on the Good Luck website!! It's definitely one of the best, if not, the best GL website on the net.

I hope this question has not been asked a lot of times already but I'm really curious about what the phrases 'You have', 'I have' mean.

Thanks for your help ^^

Nothing much, just wanted to thank you for your effort and labor of love in putting up your website.

The series "Good Luck" just ended its Singapore run recently and i missed quite a portion of the show. poor me :(

I enjoyed the show thoroughly (the bits that i saw) but i guess not being able to watch (understand) the show in its native japanese did leave some feelings of emptiness - like old friends never saying some things but you know what they mean. Japanese culture does have lots of undertones and subtleties.

Reading the summary from your site filled in the blanks for me and really did it for me... patching up the holes in the wall!

Thanks again!

well done on the site =) i am a takuya kimura fan and i was surfing for episode guides of good luck because it is showing in singapore a couple of weeks ago but it ended last week.. really enjoy the show =)

"Apparently, in this day and age there's no way a commercial flight encounters an unexpected thunderstorm between Japan and Hawaii."what do u mean.?ahahahx..i dun u mean that durin the destination from japan and hawaii,there won't be an unexpected thunderstorm? but y..?

bout Mee Sook

is she senile or..? actualli she call shinkai siao zhen..she still got sense rite..?i mean.she jus call him lik tis horx..lik a nick..actualli she noe shinkai is not xiao zhen rite..? she call jus for happy happy lik tis rite..? hhahax.. tis whole story is so touchin.. i hv a sense of belongin to the aiport since tis drama reaLLi "melt my heart"..h3h3x..mayb gt takuya.. lolx..aniwae,r u a singaporean..?

Hi I saw your pages on good luck dorama... I happened to watched one episod of this dorama while I was in Japan,... so to see your thumbnails made me eager to watch them all. Do you know a site where I can download those episods, or is ther cheap VCD I could get ?

Hi!Kimura Takuya is cute~!>.< Hi Koala,

I stumbled on your website and would just like to tell you that I loved your reviews of 2046 and Long Vacation.

Obviously I am a Kimura Takuya fan. But notwithstanding my admiration for his talent and gorgeousness, I liked your honest review.

I am from the Philippines by the way and it's a long story how I got hooked with Kimura Takuya, SMAP and generally Japanese dramas.

Thank you and I hope you do more of these things.

I really surprise!
you LOVE takuya??
So happy to see this web.
I'm also one of his fans,and i am from China~

Nice yo meet you~ what is takuya sungalasses model in the show?

and you know when they take off what does v1 v2 mean?

I am a member of and asked for episode guides for several Japanese dramas. One person responded with your guide for GOOD LUCK!! Thanks for a job well done.

If I were to send you a list of Japanese dramas for which I am trying to find episode guides (in English), would it be possible for you to suggest some websites?

Again, thanks for the GOOD LUCK!! episode guide.

Konnichi wa! Just had to say thanks for excellent translation of 'good luck' my fav show! I don't speak or understand Japanese but love this show since I am a pilot looking forward to working for an airline some day (ANA would be NICE!)

Arigato hai

i like goodluck very much . i like kou too.

Have u watched the new drama by T.K? It's called "engine" Hope we get a review from you soon and some of the screen shots.

How did you find Good Luck with english subtitles? I want to buy the series, but I would need english subtitles so Im curious if you could send me a link or something? Please? thanks.

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